Author - Kaido Soobik

Mantra Healing courses with Tsering Donla 10 – 12 August

Tibetan Mantra Healing is an extraordinary and beautiful form of holistic therapy and healing. It utilizes the powerful healing vibration of natural sounds used in ancient and secret mantras, encapsulating the essence of that frequency; to therapeutically prevent, alleviate and cure disorders of body, speech and mind. It can also influence important aspects of our lives, such as our health and wealth, thus earning the name of 'healing mantras' or 'mantra healing' It is also known as Sound Therapy, [...]

Phowa, the practice of conscious dying, teachings and retreat.13-19 August 2018

Phowa is the art of dying consciously and peacefully and serenely. It is, in fact, a meditation that guides the way out of consciousness at the moment of death. The Phowa of the Yuthok lineage, "Liberation without meditation", is a path to enlightenment or rebirth in Tanaduk, the pure land of the Medicine Buddha. Once learned, Phowa can be realized for oneself or for others, when leaving this world. This practice is extremely useful for professionals working in the [...]