Men Ling Tibetian Medicine Centre purpose

In many old traditions, the doctor’s actions consisted not so much in the stinging of diseases, but also in the prevention of diseases. What was more meaningful was how many patients there were in his area. Or rather, how few he had. The purpose of the doctor was to maintain a person’s physical balance and to advise and support him or her in achieving a disease-free life.

In our world, here and now, the medical system is overwhelmingly circling the diagnosis. When complaints occur, the focus is on making a diagnosis and later treating it. There is no doubt that with the help of modern science, technology and pharmaceutical achievements, the treatment of specific diseases is significantly more effective than the possibilities of our ancestors.

Awe-inspiring results can be seen in the field of emergency medicine, surgery, etc. One leg, however, has begun to limp from the concept of man as a whole and from the need to balance all his elements. When treating one disease, one forgets what strong treatment against it means to other parts of the body and why the disease came in the first place.

People often encounter situations where feeling is not praiseworthy, complaining of various pains, or the usual power to cope with everyday activities has disappeared. However, the examinations carried out by the doctor do not prove any particular disease. Those who have been declared healthy will be left alone with their complaints. Those who, with the support of the doctors, are happily cured of the disease also seek help, but recovering from the side effects of the disease or its treatment requires more strength and knowledge than to spare.

In such situations, it makes sense to turn to representatives of complementary medicine, which is what traditional Tibetan medicine and reflexology are undoubtedly for alongside others. People who are athletic and have healthy lifestyles receive therapies and additional information to keep them feeling good.

For those in need with unspecified complaints, we help with our methods to trace and mitigate the causes of problems. Those in need who have survived sick or old diseases will help balance and get rid of the troubles. We’re preventing new diseases from coming. That’s Men Ling’s goal to act and why come here.