Shanglon Retreat to remove obstacles in life and health 7-14 May 2021

Shanglon Retreat to remove obstacles in life and health 7-14 May 2021

Retreat content:

If you or your loved ones have problems in life that do not seem to be within your power to solve, be it serious illnesses, problems with work or family life, or emotional patterns affecting life, then this is a retreat is for you. In this retreat, we use some of the most vigorous practices in the Buddhist spiritual traditions, which include visualization, mantras, prayers, as some rituals. Initially behind those specific practices is very valuable and productive teaching for transforming the darker and heavier forces of your life into progressive development.

Although many of the problems in our lives seem to come from the outside and seem to arise independently of us, by studying the deeper nature of the different aspects of life, we are the greatest provocateur of our lives and the cause of problems ourselves. With the help of practices, we contact ourselves with more intense or furious forces that trigger our inner potential, thereby traversing the woes of our lives into opportunities.

The practice of protectors is a powerful tool for solving problems in life, removing obstacles both in the development of practitioners who go down the spiritual path and in the life and health of all those who are interested and wished.


Who are the dharma protectors?

“Dharma protector” snsk. Dharmapāla, tib Chökyong is a Deity in Buddhist practice who protects Buddha’s teaching and each Buddhist individually.

The protector of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, Shanglon Dorje Düdül, and his companions, who are the focus of our retreat, are destined to protect the doctrine and lineage of instruction of  Tibetan Medicine and related spiritual practices and its followers.

As a realized deity, Shanglon symbolizes a strong means of breaking through the emotional and spiritual barriers that prevent us from being clear-minded and compassionate.

Among the so-called “enemies” who are destroyed by fierce dharma protectors through our concentration exercises are, among other things, numbness, laziness, and self-centeredness. The symbolic weapons they use are the positive qualities achievable by spiritual practices: concentration, enthusiasm, love without conditionality, etc. The flames that surround them figuratively in the visualization of practice are the various levels of the wisdom of deep consciousness that burn away spiritual darkness. By tying yourself to such a powerful shape, it is not difficult to draw strength from spiritual energy to overcome your inner enemies.

We have all experienced that both calm and fierce state of mind, hidden beneath our emotions, can become destructive. For example, calm energy sometimes becomes lazy and lethargic, and fierce energy becomes angry and violent. It is therefore necessary to get rid of mental confusion in particular and to develop clean energies with concentration and awareness. This way these currents can be used positively. With calm energy, you can calm yourself and others down and act in a balanced way. By using vigorous energy, oneself and others may be encouraged to have more strength, courage, and acuity to overcome the bottlenecks and spiritual sufferings of life.

In addition to internal obstacles in the form of our destructive mind patterns, dharma protectors also help neutralize external, at first glance, life obstacles that are independent of us: problems with work and income, internal domestic situations, messy relationships,  etc.

One of the great troubles and suffering forces of our lives is time. That’s why we’re born, aging, getting sick, and dying. Dharma’s protectors also help to overcome the time and the suffering that comes with time through the transformation of our minds.

Just as always in life, stronger countermeasures need to be used to solve larger problems: an even stronger poison often helps to eliminate the action of the poison, an antibiotic that kills various life forms helps against aggressive bacterial diseases, etc. Also, for those who believe in black magic, etc., dharma protectors, who also represent strong energies, will help. However, this is due to the fundamental difference about the causes of the problems – behind the fierce nature of the external; the co-authentic mind is illuminated.

In the retreat:

*We summarize the mechanisms of action of dharma protectors and our relationship with them

* We learn the visualization techniques used in practice, texts, mantras, and their meaning

* We conduct 3-4 sessions of dharma protector practices every day with the rituals that come with them.


May 7:

20.00 (UTC+3) Teachings and transmission on texts by Drupon Frederico Trancoso

8-14 May:

9-13.00 (UTC+3) First session

13.00-14.30 (UTC+3) lunch break

14.30-18.30 (UTC+3) Second session


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For whom the retreat is intended:

  • All Tibetan medical students, practitioners, interested, patients who want changes in their lives, problems at the level of their root causes.
  • All those interested in Tibetan Buddhist spiritual practices, regardless of experience and background, are not afraid, at first glance, of foreign forms and Tibetan text snippets. Who has confidence in authentic practices that are not simplified and devalued, based on a clean, centuries-old, well-identifiable lineage of teaching.


Retreat supervisors:


The transmission, explanations, leading the first half of the retreat, and teachings about the nature of the dharma protectors and the Shanglon are given by Drubpon Frederico Trancoso.

Frederico Trancoso has trained in Tibetan Buddhism for twenty-three years and completed extensive Vajrayana retreats under Lama Tharchin Rinpoche. Freddie is a Chaplain and an acupuncturist and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Physiotherapy. He is a lead ritual chanter (umdze), and the Drupon (retreat master) for Drub Nyiy Döjö Gatsal, Three-Year Retreat Center in Pema Osel Ling.

Frederico has undergone two three-year intensive meditation retreats.






Daily practice is carried out by Kaido Soobik.

Kaido has been engaged in Tibetan Vajrayana practices for more than 30 years, and the past 15 years has devoted himself to the practice of Yuthok Nyingthik, in addition to his daily work as a therapist of  Tibetan medicine. In the last nearly 5 years, he has been doing extensively dharma protectors practices with his closest dharma friends daily. He has also undergone several solitary retreats of dharma protectors. Kaido has been a student of Tibetan Medicine doctor Dr. Nida Chenagtsang since 2005 and, under the guidance and enthusiasm of his teacher, established the Tibetan Medical Center Men Ling In Estonia with the city clinic in a town called Pärnu and the countryside retreat center in Jõõpre.





Retreat place:

You can participate in the retreat both through the online Zoom environment and at the Tibetan Medical Center Men Ling, Jõõpre, on the side of Pärnu, Estonia.


  • In Men Ling Center: EUR 295. Includes an overnight stay in beds between white sheets, instruction, practice texts, warm vegetarian meals three times a day, and tea breaks.
  • Price for online/zoom participation: EUR 150. Includes texts. Tax-free price for outside of EU.

Registration and payment:

To participate online through ZOOM, you can buy access here. Your registration is valid after obtaining the ticket.

Click here to obtain a ticket for online participation —> Shanglon retreat ticket to participate in Zoom

To participate in Men Ling Center on-site, please fill in the form below. Payment in cash on the first day of arrieval to the retreat.

Click here to fill the form to participate in Men Ling Center —> Registration form

At the beginning of the retreat week, we send a letter about preparations and arrivals.

The day before the start of the retreat, a link to the zoom and explanations are sent to prepare for the retreat.