Men Ling

Tibetan Medicine Center

In the heart of Pärnu, on the corner of Rüütli and Nikolai Street, we operate daily
with patients’ health concerns using methods of diagnostics and treatment and manual
therapy of traditional Tibetan medicine.


Men Ling

Tibetan Health, Education and Retreat Center

Just 10 kilometers from Valgeranna, the most beautiful beach in Pärnu Bay, our health and training center is located. Here we regularly have various trainings, seminars, yoga and training camps. Many of them are organized by us to convey skills and knowledge of the views of Tibetan medicine on diet, lifestyle and spiritual practices. It is also possible to rent our premises for suitable events in this environment.

News and upcoming events

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Health from the roof of the world

SORIG is an abbreviation of Tibetan words SOWA RIGPA – the art of healing. On this web page, you’ll find different natural and herbal creams, balms, teas, food supplements and incense that help you to cure ailments and maintain balance. All products originate from ancient Tibetan medicine formulas that have proven their efficiency with long-term experiences and are now more and more supported by contemporary scientific research.