Health and Training centre

Tibetan Health and Training Centre.

Just 10 kilometers from Valgeranna beach, the most beautiful beach in Pärnu Bay, our training centre is located. The windfall of life here is the main house with a 55-square-metre hall, kitchen and lounge space, and the veranda of the house, which allows it to be sun-cozy from early spring.

In addition, two toilets with a shower corner. On the second floor of the main house there are three rooms with a shared bathroom for accommodation (rooms with 6, 5 and 2 beds, respectively). A separate accommodation is provided by ladakh, a 4-bed summer room located next door. Summer life expands into the large outdoor kitchen next to the main house.

Also in Jõõpre we offer our guests Tibetan manual therapies in a separately established therapy house, which is also adaptable for overnight stays for 5-6 people.

At the south direction of Men Ling lies the temple of Gon Khang, defenders of the teaching of traditional medicine in Tibet. Decorated with tanks depicting mysterious deities and Buddhists and an altar cabinet, this room is ideal for individual spiritual practices, retrerats, with an overnight stay in the same environment. The same building is also intensively used to make dark retreats.


Dark Retreat is an opportunity to turn yourself off from the world around you and focus only on yourself.


Nida Chenagtsang Direct instructions for the Dark Retreat –

The most powerful way to discover our own nature and very direct experience of our own potential and inner...



Viki talu, Jõõpre küla, Audru vald

Men Ling is located just 15 kilometers from Pärnu and is 6.2 mi from Pärnu’s beautiful Valgeranna beach.

58.47635, 24.34810

+372 50 77 900


There is a “MEIE” store in the center of Jõõpre. It remains on the left hand when coming from both Tallinn and Pärnu. About 100 m from the store towards Lavassaare, a new kindergarten and a school house stand out on the right. On the corner of the road there is a SILVER OWL of stainless steel. From there, turn right.

You drive past the schoolhouse, over a small bridge and along the road straight ahead for a total of 1km until the road runs out in the field. All that’s left is to turn left under the Private Land sign and right after 30 meters. The yellow, red-stone-roofed house of the Tibetan Medical Center Men Ling stands out from a distance behind a spruce tree.

Eraklus ja pimeritriit

If you want to pull out of everyday life and the fast pace of society for a moment and take the time to be with yourself without any outsiders, surrogates or entertainment, then that’s what a private cluster has been created for in our center.

In private life, the person wishing to spend time in solitude and focus on themselves and their thoughts, giving up daily living and everyday activities. Here you can engage focused on your personal mental practices or yoga exercises, or give yourself the opportunity to sleep properly and calmly face unanswered questions when alone with your thoughts and emotions.

    Use our center!

    Our health and training centre can be rented for personal use. Ask for a quote

    Accommodation in the main house (Three rooms with 6, 5 and 2 beds, respectively)

    Accommodation in outbuildings (with 4 beds — two double-decker bunks; a therapeutic garden house with 8 beds)

    Gon Khang temple house for individual and blind rites (2 beds)

    Grand Hall